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A case study: Salt Studio & FalconStack

Salt Studio is one of FalconStack’s favorite early customers and partners. We’ve been following this fantastic project since day one. This place was created in Ericeira by an imaginative entrepreneur, Mariana Ricciardi, and is this Portuguese village’s first independent coworking space. 

Salt Studio results from a lot of hard work and passion – creating a nurturing and beautiful space to work from.

Online booking with WooCommerce

Salt Studio‘s website is powered by WordPress and WooCommerce to allow its members to book desks online easily. The platform relies on a specific set of plugins that together make it what it is today: a fully-fledged booking tool. 

Salt Studio FalconStack WordPress
Salt Studio’s online booking system

Here are a few features that can be seen on the website:

  • Built-in calendar for quick booking date-picking
  • Member’s area for booking and billing management
  • Credit-card payment gateway

Up to date, at all times

When your business is located at the heart of a busy village and has customers requesting information and booking desks daily, your website must stay updated. 

FalconStack regularly goes through each plugin to ensure Salt Studio uses the latest versions, providing a reliable and bug-free booking experience.

Backed up, several times a day

Salt Studio‘s website (just like many other customers’) is backed up several times a day, allowing for quick restore if anything goes wrong, without losing any transaction data (vital when selling online).

Fast hosting, European server

Salt Studio is hosted on a high-frequency server located in Paris. FalconStack provides the booking platform with resources that are optimized for WordPress (PHP version, memory increase, etc.). This allows us to resolve technical issues faster and gives this company extra security.

Uptime monitoring
Salt Studio’s server monitoring

Human, responsive technical support

FalconStack is always available to advise about possible improvements and feature implementation and strives to fix bugs before or as soon as they appear.

Salt Studio has reached us several times for issues with the platform, and we’ve always been here and reacted quickly. Together with them, we are making their booking better and more reliable every day.

Other features that FalconStack provides to Salt Studio

Without going into too much detail, FalconStack provides Salt Studio with the following services:

  • Hosting
  • Backup & restore
  • Core, theme, plugin updates
  • Staging site
  • Performance enhancement
  • Uptime monitoring
  • 24/7 protection/security
  • Technical support
  • Emergency fixes
  • All features can be seen on the main site

A word from the owner, Mariana

“Working with the FalconStack team has been such a pleasure, always super responsive and willing to help at any time, it’s especially great for people with no prior web development knowledge such as myself.”

“The whole process is super easy and stress-free. Starting a business is always challenging but with FalconStack’s technical support it has been a great adventure!”

What’s next?

We hope to be working with Salt Studio for as long as possible and recommend their business for anyone visiting Portugal’s surf village Ericeira who needs to get some work done in a friendly and inspiring environment.

Check out Salt Studio next time you’re in Ericeira!