Safe & secure
Reputation protected

From security best practices to malware scans, we make sure that your site is never compromised and your reputation stays intact.

Malware scans/removal

We clean your site and database.

We regularly check your site and database for malware and try to remove threats if we see that you have been infected. While no solution is perfect and we can't protect you from someone finding your login details, this system has proved to be efficient many times and we aren't at our first clean-up.

Anti-DDoS protection/anti-spam

Added protection from the hosting provider.

DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service attack) are meant to saturate your site by generating a huge amount of traffic from different sources around the world. You are protected against it at the server level.

When you are hosting your emails with us, you benefit from added protection against email spam and advertizing.

We monitor traffic and login attempts in order to protect your site against brute-force and others external threats to your site. From time to time we can ask you to change your password or we can harden your site's security system temporarily if you are being attacked.

When moving your site to FalconStack and in the future, we will look for ways to improve its security by taking specific measures when necessary (ask you change username/password, install/remove plugins and so on).

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