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Green and blazing fast

We host you with a renowned, eco-friendly hosting provider for performance that exceeds expectiations.

Hosting specifications

What's under the hood?

We host you at Infomaniak (a company with 25+ years of experience in the hosting business). Your server is tailored to your needs by us and grows with you. Storage is 100% SSD and traffic is unlimited. Should your site require more power/storage space, we'll upgrade the server at no additional cost.

100% Green

Reduce the environmental impact of your website.

The world’s data centers have surpassed the airline industry as a greenhouse gas polluter. Servers housed in data centers need to run in cooled and controlled environments, which takes up a lot of power. Our trusted hosting partner only uses electrical power produced from renewable sources and offsets its CO2 emissions by 200%.

You can learn about the different certificates & rewards granted to the hosting provider on their page directly.

We ping your site regularly to ensure that it is up and running smoothly. We are notified whenever a website goes down or needs attention so we can react quickly.

Starting from the Essentials plan, you may choose to create your email addresses with us (unlimited storage). You can contact us for support or when you need more addresses.

Should you need it at anytime, we provide you with FTP/sFTP credentials to access your server from anywhere using a FTP client.

Any site hosted with us is secured with an SSL certificate, this is the first thing we do after moving your site to our servers.

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