Backups & restore

Fully backed up
Risk-free WordPress

Backups (off-site) and restoration of your site at any point in time, quick hands-on support in case of emergency.

Scheduled backups

Daily, off-site, incremental backups.

Your site is backed up off-site on our servers, this process does not impact speed or performance. Backups are incremental and stored on Amazon S3. You can ask for a copy of the site at anytime or we can restore everything to a previous point in time (up to a month earlier).

Emergency support

We've got you covered.

Should anything happen to your site, we will get notified (thanks to our 24/7 monitoring tool) and be able to respond quickly. Once the incident is closed, we always let you know what went on and make sure it doesn't happen again. Please note that an extra fee might be required if the issue takes more than a few hours to resolve.

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